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The “Mally” Gaines
Sneaker Drive

Honoring Jamal “Mally” Gaines

For the Children of Whanyinna School!

Jamal “Mally” Gaines was a self-described “sneakerhead,” and turned that passion for footwear into his own store in Rahway, New Jersey, selling some of the rarest footwear on the market.

On February 26, 2016, 21-year-old Jamal “Mally” Gaines was shot and killed inside of his own sneaker store in Rahway, New Jersey. No suspects have ever been arrested.

SOURCE :: March 1, 2020 | The Tape Room | Fox 5 NY

Donate Sneakers

We are eager to receive your gently used or new sneaker donation.  You may mail or DM us for our final shipping address

Contribute Funds

We are collecting funds to pay for the travel arrangements and shipping of the donated sneakers to Nigeria.  Below is the GoFundMe Link.


We welcome your cash contributions to help us pay to ship the sneakers.


Mail your “gently used” sneakers to our NJ collection location. DM us for more info.


Have Amazon deliver a new pair of sneakers to our NJ Collection Location.


Support our events, tell a friend, help us spread the word.

What Is Whanyinna?
Who is Getting Sneakers?

We understand you may have questions.  Please review these frequently asked questions – and – if you require additional information we welcome your questions and concerns.

For more about “Mally” go to.

The Mally Gaines’ Program
JFK Community Center
796 East Hazelwood Ave
Rahway, NJ 07065



About The Mally Gaines' Program
Please, learn more about Jamal and the legacy work being done in his honor. Here is the information.
The Mally Gaines’ Program
JFK Community Center
796 East Hazelwood Ave
Rahway, NJ 07065
About Whanyinna Children Foundation

A non-profit and non-governmental child care foundation, incorporated with the CAC under the Company and Allied Matters Act, 1999 in September 2017, The Whanyinna Children Foundation, is an organization that provides services to Makoko Waterfront community in terms of social services, child support, and education, youth services, family support and community services. The foundation is the legal custodian of Whanyinna Nursery and Primary School (The Whanyinna School Makoko), Makoko Waterfront Community, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria.

It began in February 2008 as Wanyinna Nursery & Primary School, a tuition-free elementary school for children in the Makoko Waterfront Community, Yaba, Lagos. Today the Initiative provides support and services annually to nearly 276 children and more than 500 families across the community. Its assistance is designed to create a life that is joyful and fulfilling one child at a time.

Whanyinna Children Foundation supports and services include child support and education, capacity building, social activities, and community services. The foundation also works to educate the community about providing an enabling atmosphere that encourages the energy and visions of its young ones. It is widely recognized for its social activities and support in the community to improve the community and keep issues affecting the well-being of the young people in the hearts and minds of decision-makers, donors and volunteers.

Donate Cash via GoFundMe

We are on a mission to collect 300 pairs of sneakers – we are well underway, but, your support is still needed.  If you don’t wish to contribute a pair of sneakers, we would love you to support the GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN

Mail Gently Used Sneakers

Whanyinna Sneaker Drive
53 Carrell Road, Randolph, New Jersey, 07869

We are accepting sneakers of every size to cater to all of the children and young adults at the school.  The students range from two to 16 years old.

Visit Our Sneaker Shop

Visit Our Sneaker

Children’s Sizes Under $35

We need Sneakers for children size 2 thru 7

  • You can purchase a new sneaker – have it shipped to
  • Whanyinna Sneaker Drive
    53 Carrell Road – Randolph, NJ 07869
  • Affiliate Revenue will help with Shipping Costs


Pick any size and any price sneaker you wish.
We recommend more conservatively priced shoes


Use of Funds

The funds are earmarked to pay for shipping the sneakers to Nigeria;  Additional funds may be used to purchase socks and/or other essentials for the school.

Tina "Starz Tina" Wilson

I am so excited about my 50th Birthday. To Celebrate I want to send 300 pairs of sneakers to Nigeria in honor of my son.

Jamal was murdered 6 years ago. He owned a boutique sneaker store and he gave back to the community often.

This venture will not only help the children in Nigeria, but, it will help me fuel his legacy; his death will mean something and not be in vain.

Please DM OUR TEAM for the mailing address.

You can clean your closet and impact a life at the same time!

We welcome your questions.

Thank you ...